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Jilly Cunningham:
Glass Artist Profile

Light switch designed by Jilly Cunningham and made using Murano and Tiffany glass.
Light switch designed by Jilly Cunningham and made using Murano and Tiffany glass.

Jilly Cunningham is a sculptor whose work has been short listed by The National Portrait Gallery and exhibited in galleries throughout London, Cambridge and Portugal. High profile clients include Jools Holland, Benjamin Zephaniah, Ken Livingstone, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Jo Brand and Bert Jansch. 

Jilly studied sculpture at Hammersmith’s College of Art at the age of 18, before working as an Art Therapist in Tooting Bec Psychiatric Hospital.  She became fascinated by the connection between art and psychology: splitting her time between the hospital and taking private commissions.

More recently Jilly has turned her talents to designing unique and stylish light switches. The design process began whilst working on a home renovation project, when it struck Jilly that most people ignore a crucial detail in every room – the light switch. Unimpressed by the unimaginative options already available, Jilly decided to design and make her own switches.

Jilly's first collection of shimmering glass light switches are fully functional works of art, hand crafted in Murano and Tiffany stained glass. The switches can be custom designed to complement the colours and style of your home.

As an alternative to the plethora of uninspired plastic switches available in DIY stores, Jilly's switches answer the question "Why shouldn't a light switch be a work of art?". Everyone wants to add a touch of elegance to their home and these light switches are a subtle way of making a big statement. And, due to the nature of the materials used, each light switch is completely unique.

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