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In Focus Glass Archive: November 2010

Whilst updating our Preview Gallery we have chosen to highlight several significant pieces of glass that were offered for sale by our exhibitors at the November 2010 National Glass Fair.

Laura Birdsall

Fruitful by Laura Birdsall
Fruitful by Laura Birdsall

Laura is a Royal College of Art graduate and as well as having her work selected for all three of British Glass Biennale Exhibitions, she has won the Bombay Sapphire Prize and Best of British Industry Award (Small Industrial Company of the Year).

This is the first time that Laura will be exhibiting and selling her work at the National Glass Fair and her evocative free-form organic vessels are vibrant, sculptural and sure to make a big impression on discerning collectors of contemporary glass.

You can view more of Laura's work in our Contemporary Glass Preview Gallery.

When visiting the gallery you will also find work by various other contemporary glass artists, including Peter Layton, Fay Miller, Bob Crooks, George Ponzini, Vic Bamforth and Terri Colledge.

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Dartington Floor Vases

Dartington Floor Vases.
Dartington Floor Vases.


Three rare Dartington floor vases comprising of Frank Thrower's Inkwell, Candy, and Volterra designs.

  • Left: Inkwell vase in sage green. 26.7cm Tall. Pattern No. FT223

  • Centre: Candy vase in amber. 29.2cm Tall. Pattern No. FT224

  • Right: Volterra vase in sage green. 25.4cm Tall. Pattern No. FT222

These iconic vases were made for Dartington by Wood Bros. (Yorkshire) and were only produced for six months during 1978. It is thought that only one consignment of the vases was delivered to Dartington, making these vases extremely rare and desirable.

These vases were available to buy from stand No. 79 in Hall 3

Further examples of mid-century modern glass can be found in our 20th Century Glass Preview Gallery.

Stuart & Sons

Bowl by Stuart & Sons
Bowl by Stuart & Sons

This bowl is an example of glass that features a distinctive 'basket-weave' pattern - Rd.556784 recorded in 1910 by Stuart & Sons.

For more information about the 'basket-weave' pattern and other types of glass that featured this decoration, please visit our Basket Weave Decoration & Registration Number article.

This bowl was available to buy from stand number 55 in Hall 2

Further examples of glass by Stuart & Sons can be found in our 19th & 20th century preview galleries.

18th Century Drinking Glasses

Dutch engraved Light Balusters
Dutch engraved Light Balusters

You will be able to find a good selection of fine quality 18th century drinking glasses at the National Glass Fair.

These Dutch Light Balusters (right) represent just a small selection of the engraved glasses that were offered for sale at our November 2010 fair, including some exceptional examples of glass from the workshop of Jacob Sang.

These particular glasses were available to buy from stand number 39 in Hall 2.

Please visit our 17th & 18th Century Glass Gallery to see more examples, as well as other forms of drinking glasses such as rummers, cordials and various glasses featuring colour-twist, mercury-twist and air-twist stems.