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In Focus Glass Archive: May 2011

Whilst updating our Preview Gallery we have chosen to highlight several significant pieces of glass that were offered for sale by our exhibitors at the 15 May 2011 National Glass Fair.

Humorous Goblet

Humorous Engraved Baluster Goblet.
Humorous Engraved
Baluster Goblet

This impressive baluster goblet is decorated with an humorous engraving of a llama with deer antlers laying at it's feet.

The glass is also inscribed in French with the motto
'A Happy Accident'.

The subject and motto on the glass make this baluster particularly unusual, as it is extremely uncommon to find 18th century drinking glasses engraved with humorous themes.

The glass is approximately 19cm tall and dates to around 1735.

You can view more examples if fine 18th century drinking glasses in the 17th & 18th Century Drinking Glasses & Glassware section of our Preview Gallery.

When visiting the gallery you will find further examples of engraved drinking glasses, as well glasses featuring colour-twist and air-twist stems, not to mention other interesting pieces of 17th and 18th century glassware.





Cathy Richardson Paperweight

Cathy Richardson Paperweight: Purple Jellyfish & Soft Coral
Cathy Richardson Paperweight:
Purple Jellyfish & Soft Coral

This paperweight is from glass artist Cathy Richardson's 'Ocean' range of weights. The design reflects the artist's love of the sea and concerns about the loss of sea life.

By recreating realistic and vibrant scenes from these fragile ecosystems Cathy hopes to preserve the beauty of the sea for future generations.

Further examples of antique and modern paperweights can be found in the antique and modern paperweight section of our Preview Gallery.

Paperweight enthusiasts may also be interested to learn more about an invaluable new book on Silesian & Bohemian paperweights, which has been published by regular exhibitors weights-n-things. Please visit our News page for more information.

You can also read a review of this book in the Glass Archive section of this Website.


Walsh Walsh 'Vesta' Lamp Base

Walsh Walsh 'Vesta' Lamp Base
Walsh Walsh 'Vesta' Lamp Base

This stylish Art Deco 'Vesta' lamp base was manufactured by Walsh Walsh and designed by Walter Gilbert (c. 1929).

The lamp base is illustrated in Charles Hajdamach's '20th Century British Glass' (page 127), where it is described as depicting "a centaur catching a mermaid in a net, with a figure of a small child on the reverse".

The lamp features and original brass base and is signed ', R. fec.' The entire lamp base stands at 17.2cm tall.

Further examples of glass from this period can be seen in the 20th century section of our Preview Gallery, where you will find glass by makers such as Lalique, Daum, Galle and Verlys.



Paul Barcroft & Anthony Wassell

Glass-scapes Vase by Paul Barcroft & Anthony Wassell
Glass-scapes Vase by Paul Barcroft & Anthony Wassell

This 'Glass-scapes' vase was made in the latter part of the 20th century by glass artists Paul Barcroft and Anthony Wessell.

A number of examples are illustrated Illustrated on page 429 of Charles Hajdamach's '20th Century British Glass'. Charles quotes Paul Barcroft as saying that the 'Glass-scapes' range was "a refreshing montage of abstracted areas of flat colour juxtaposed with intricate strata like patterns and almost marine or fossil style millefiori inclusions to the lower band; concluding in pebble or soft boulder forms'.

Interestingly Paul Barcroft made a number of pieces from this series as part of the Master Glassmakers' demonstrations, which took place at Broadfield House Glass Museum in association of the 1997 Dudley Glass Festival. These were then auctioned alongside work by other contemporary glass artists, such as Bob Crooks, Roger Tye and Malcolm Andrews.

Further examples of similar glass can be found in the the 20th century and Contemporary glass sections of our Preview Gallery.