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In Focus: 13 November 2011

Whilst updating our Preview Gallery we chose to highlight several significant pieces of glass that were offered for sale by our exhibitors at the 13 November 2011 National Glass Fair.

'Delectable Fruit' by Rowan van der Holt

"Delectable Fruit" by contemporary glass artist Rowan van der Holt.

"Delectable Fruit" by contemporary glass artist
Rowan van der Holt.

When describing this piece Rowan says that:

"The raspberry is symbolic of the heart, the source of kindness, the leaf is medicinally used by women for child birth.

This work is feminine and fragile but alludes to fertility and strength."

Rowan is one of a small group of British Contemporary glass artist working in a technique called flameworking. A method in which glass is melted and controlled with a high pressure torch flame. Rowan then tool works the molten glass into unique objects d'art and jewellery.

Rowan's tiara's of flameworked flowers have exhibited alongside her contemporaries at the British Glass Biennale 2010, and the International Glass Festival Luxembourg 2011.

You can view more examples Rowan's work in the Contemporary section of our Preview Gallery.

When visiting the gallery you will also find glass by various well-know glass artists, including Allister Malcolm, Vic Bamforth, Adam Aaronson and Bob Crooks.


Jacobite Club Ceremonial Goblet

Jacobite Club Ceremonial Goblet

Jacobite Club Ceremonial Goblet

The bowl of this fine goblet is engraved with a six petal rose and single bud, together with a crowned thistle. On the reverse is a sunburst blasé containing a 3 masted ship flying both the English and Scottish flags with the inscription ‘Navigation And Trade’.

Around the rim of the bowl there is the motto ‘Nemo me Impune lacessit' - the motto of the Royal Company of Archers. This society, founded in 1676, was an elite club comprising the most powerful men in the city but it has never been a military force. The Dukes of Buccleuch have usually been members. Allan Ramsey and Sir Walter Scott were members and the Honourable Henry Erskine introduced the pioneer psychiatrist, Andrew Duncan, to it.

A large goblet such as this was ideal for drinking toasts at meetings of clubs and societies when members would drink several bottles of wine from a single glass being passed round the table.

You can view more quality examples of antique drinking glasses in our 17th and 18th century preview gallery.





Baccarat Perfume Bottle

Baccarat Perfume Bottle

Baccarat Perfume Bottle

This superb Baccarat perfume bottle dates to around 1920. The bottle is made from molded glass and decorated with gold enamelled Art Nouveau floral garlands.

This example is exceptionally rare as it comes in its original box and has never been used.

Although some of the perfume may have evaporated the bottle has never been opened. It is also clear that the pump and filter are unused.

The bottle measures 12.5cm high and is 5cm in diameter.

Perfume bottle in box (plus certificate)

Perfume bottle in box (plus certificate)

The Box is made with red velvet and is in good condition. There is however a a minor mark on the top where the original owner must have stored another object.

The box measures measures 20.5cm W x 26cm L x 8cm D.

On the inside of the box lid, written in gold letters, is:

'Annick Goutal en Baccarat'


'Flacon Decor Louis XVI'.

Also included is an original certificate of authentication.

You can view more quality examples of decorative antique glass by the likes of Argy Rousseau, Stuart & Sons, Webb and Lalique in our 20th century preview gallery