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Glass From Our May 2017 Glass Fair

The images featured in this Preview Gallery illustrate examples of glass
that will be offered for sale at our 7 May 2017 glass fair.

In the weeks leading up to our next fair we will continue to update the gallery, adding photos of the glass that will be available for purchase on the day of our next glass fair.

To make it easier for collectors to view the type of glass they are interested in, the glass featured in the Preview Gallery has been placed into separate categories.

In Focus: 18th Century Drinking Glasses

A group of 18th Century drinking glasses from a previously unseen private collection: consisting of around 45 "investment quality" specimens.
A group of 18th Century drinking glasses from a previously unseen private collection: consisting of around 45 "investment quality" specimens.

The eight glasses pictured above vary in date: from around 1715 to 1765, which was arguably the golden era of glassmaking in Britain.

This selection also includes glasses from Ireland: including a heavy baluster, which may seem fairly ordinary but has the rarer true baluster knop at its base. The third glass from the left is another Irish cordial, which features a rare form of air twist stem. Finally there is a superb four sided moulded pedestal goblet, with a large delicate bowl with very distinct striae.

The opaque twist composite goblet is an un-engraved example, the likes of which have been used by the great stipple engravers. This one shows reassuring run of tooling marks very clearly on the foot. 

The blue colour twist has a less common bucket bowl, with a well executed and distinct stem - possibly manufactured in Bristol. 

The engraved heavy baluster is thought to be Scottish in origin, with a sister glass in the Museum of London (Garton Collection bequeathed in 1943).

Seventh from the left is a fine Newcastle light baluster, chosen for its symmetrical stem and rarer folded foot.

Last but not least is a good balustroid Jacobite glass, with an old collectors label underneath. This type of glass is well documented by Geoffrey Seddon, with a full page photograph in his book.

All examples in the collection have been carefully selected and are not "stock". These glasses and the others in the collection highlight the importance of balance and symmetry when selecting examples.

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17th & 18th Century Glass

*Visit this Preview Gallery if you are interested in drinking glasses, decanters and other glassware from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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[Last Updated 18 April 2017]

19th & 20th Century Glass

*This Preview Gallery is dedicated to decorative and collectable glass of all kinds from the 19th & 20th centuries.

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[Last Updated 26 April 2017]

Contemporary Glass

*This Preview Gallery should be your first port of call if you are interested in work by contemporary glass artists, makers and designers.

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[Last Updated 19 April 2017]

Antique & Modern Paperweights

*This Preview Gallery is aimed at collectors interested in both antique and modern paperweights.

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[Last Updated 24 April 2017]

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